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  • Lumps of gold. Really?

    I had an interesting conversation today with a jewelry and gold buyer. He spoke of how he scraps jewelry for the gold and how he doesn't bother with tiny diamonds. I had been in his shop know the kind, where you walk in and the glass cases are full of shiny new jewelry at outrageous prices, yet they mostly look the same save for the size of the diamond one chooses? Yes, that store. Anyway, when I told him about my shop, he nearly laughed and his tone was definitely condescending. He couldn't understand how anyone would want to buy antique or vintage jewelry. I tried to explain to him about the stories these rings hold and the uniqueness and he couldn't comprehend it. To him they are items to be melted and re-formed into high priced profit. After we parted ways, I thought about it and likened it to when people can't understand why anyone would want to furnish their home with antiques. I mean, yes it is true they are not as functional many times with shallow dresser drawers and such, but give me a beautiful piece full of history over a run of the mill dresser any day. Sometimes a little piece of history satisfies a whole lot more.