Wedding Band Traditions

I get this question often..."How do I fit a band with my antique or vintage diamond engagement ring?". Here are three solutions:

Early Traditional Custom - Wearing Your Rings on Different Hands

This is historically how an engagement and wedding band were worn when these antique pieces were created. This choice allows the most flexibility with wedding band options and alleviates the gap that may exist with any non-custom ring. It also allows one to wear the wedding band alone, something you typically cannot do with a customized ring due to the contour. Wearing the rings on different hands solves all the problems and allows a wide open choice of rings.

Embrace the Gap

Many people are surprised to realize that the tradition of pairing an engagement ring and a wedding band with one another in a completely flush style is a modern one. Some of the world’s most famous engagement rings have been cutting edge with avant-garde shapes; Queen Victoria’s snake ring, Jackie Kennedy’s split shank emerald ring, Princess Diana’s Sapphire Halo, and Audrey Hepburn’s stacked set of bezel rings are some of fashion’s best known engagement rings, and none of these would sit flush with a wedding band! The gap that will sometimes exist between the two rings is actually more common than not- even a standard six prong setting will have a gap with a wedding band, so why fight it? Go with the flow. It’s just showing the world that you are flexible, and certainly makes selecting a wedding band easier.  For a unified look, you can choose a wedding ring that shares similar design elements with your engagement ring, such as diamonds of the same scale or special details like milgrain or engraving. Everyone will be so dazzled by your amazing rings that the fact that they are 2mm apart from one another will not even cross their minds, or yours for that matter. 

Customize a Wedding Band

Many jewelers today, with your estate ring in hand through the process, will use either CAD imaging or hand carved wax techniques to ensure that your antique engagement ring and wedding band will sit perfectly flush. An experienced jeweler can add the right amount of vintage detail to your custom designed wedding band that they look like they were created for each other and at the same time!

No matter which route you choose, an antique engagement ring and wedding ring can be worn together in harmony!